Our Story

Black Educated is a mission-drive clothing brand, with a focus of promoting self-identity, self-empowerment and education. Our founder, D'Mario Northington, started this brand during his undergraduate career at Michigan State University in 2017. D'Mario always had an interest in fashion and going to a PWI (predominantly white institution) , he realized how little our Black communities were represented in such a big world, which is the reason behind creating Black Educated. 

As a young, Black recent college graduate, D'Mario realized that being educated isn't all about books and degrees. Our definition of education is knowing who you are, what you represent and what you stand for.

Now, when someone stops and asks you, "what is Black Educated?" Just tell them who you are. Black Educated is a brand that represents YOU!

We have partnered with Baltimore City Public Schools, giving 15% of our profits to address the needs of students and their families. We believe in achieving generational wealth, which stems from access to resources. Help us mobilize the next generation of world changers by supporting our brand! 

Our Partnerships

Our 3 Core Values


Our current goal is to raise enough revenue through sales and donations in order to make more people aware of our brand. The donations will go towards increasing our inventory, marketing costs and pop-up shop expenses. We believe Black Educated can be a pivotal resource for our communities all over the world.


Thank you for helping us make a difference!