The Start:

While attending Michigan State University, I didn't see many people that shared the same identity as me. Valuing representation and inclusion, I wanted to solve my own problem. Bridging together my love for Fashion and Education, I created this clothing brand, Black Educated. The purpose of this brand is to empower our supporters by creating a sense of identity through our products. We also aim to educate and connect our Black community together so that we may build a better tomorrow for the next generation.

Company values:

  • Identity

  • Education

  • Representation

  • Community Building

Life After MSU:

I am currently apart of a selective 2-year entrepreneurship fellowship, Venture For America. Within my role I run a startup incubator and help students, from undergraduates to postdocs, validate their startup, small business or non-profits ideas. After completing my fellowship, I will continue my education to earn my MBA and work on Black Educated full-time -  along with fulfilling my role as a venture capitalist.

D'Mario Northington, Founder of BE

2017 WCCCD Graduate 

2020 MSU Graduate

Logo (w_circle).png

Our current goal is to raise enough revenue through donations and sales in order to donate to Detroit youth and youth programs. 


Thank you for helping us make a difference!